We provide:

Design & Process Optimization

Product design, manufacturing and business processes can be optimised with a variety of techniques. We use Bayesian Optimisation and Gaussian Processes to map the performance and guide the next development step.

Outsourced Research

Taking key research activities separately from product and process development activities allows for focussed and clean research deliverables to be achieved and fed back in to the development process.

Analysis Methodology Development

A wide range of analysis methodologies are available in today’s engineering world, from first principles to advanced computer models. We understand your analysis requirements and build a custom methodology to deliver.

Simulation & Analysis

We provide specific project based modelling services to simulate and analyse the component/process/product/operation, covering computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, thermodynamics, optics and electromagnetics.

Data & Design Space Exploration

The complexity and depth of design spaces and business data can be interrogated using Artificial Intelligence techniques
to provide insightful relationships and design and operational performance strategies.

High Performance Computing

Leveraging High Performance Computing brings the latest and more advanced computational techniques in to the available problem solving toolset. We utilise HPC through the cloud and provide training and methodology setup services.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation

With specialist experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and in the open source toolset OpenFoam® we can help develop your CFD toolset and solution methodology or provide bespoke simulations across a wide range of applications and thermodynamics situations.


Design Optimization

Product and process performance optimisation has many routes. We utilise some of the latest techniques of Bayesian Optimisation and Gaussian Processes within the Python environment to provide a range of options for finding the optimum performance and selecting the most beneficial next test or process configuration.

Problems we’ve solved

"We needed to devise a compact vapour-liquid separator made from common pipe components and knew from our own process model that if the liquid outlet could be controlled to less than 10% gas volume fraction, the separator would work in our application. Upstream helped us with CFD evaluation on our base case design and subsequently volunteered an innovative and economical alternative, which we shall also test"
Tim Webber, CEO Bluesteam


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© Upstream Applied Science Ltd 2020 / Registered in England & Wales / Company Number 12118808 / VAT Number 328-2757-83 / Privacy Policy